Go Green, Get Fit Challenge…on your mark, get set, GO!

This past weekend, I participated in a 7K fun run called the Dirty Dash.  It was the perfect way to participate in a fun activity with my husband and later that day with our whole family at the Piglet Plunge.   The event had obstacles, a slide, water holes and lots of mud. As crazy as it sounds it was still a work-out. But it was a lot of fun too!

I work hard to be a positive role model for my children.  When it comes to healthy living, I want them to eat right, get enough sleep, set boundaries and have balance in their lives.  Yet, I really haven’t done any of those fore mentioned things well in my life for a long time.  If I am to be authentic in my pursuit of healthy living, my physical appearance screams “hypocrite” every time I look in the mirror. And it is disingenuous if I say to my children, “care about your health, but that doesn’t apply to me.”  This is not exactly the life lesson I want as my legacy.

I have invested all that I have into my children.  I give them my best and I try hard to enrich their lives every day.  This pattern has been wonderful for all of us, but it has also become an excuse not to really take care of myself the way I should.  Truthfully, at the end of the day, it feels really good not to have anything left for myself because I poured it all into my children and their lives are better for it.

Well, excuse time is over.  It is just as important for me to be healthy as it is for my children.  So starting today, June 18, I will be joining 29 amazing green bloggers by participating in the 2012 Go Green, Get Fit Challenge as part of the EcoMom Alliance Sustain YourSelf™ Program presented by PlanetShoes.com.

This 12 week health and wellness series for women is where we will share information and inspiration!  You can participate, join the conversation and get motivated to help you prioritize your health, get fit, lose weight, reduce stress, and have fun!

My First Steps:

  • I have consciously decided to stay away from foods that are not good for me.
  • My mind set is: working-out consistently is as important as proper nutrition, a full-night rest and overall balance.
  • Feeling good about ‘me’ has a positive impact on those around me.

My Fitness Goals

  • I have chosen to work out with P90X, six days a week for 90 days.
  • I will keep a food journal. (This helps keep my sweet tooth accountable and reminds me to eat breakfast.)
  • At the end of 90 days, I want to feel confident and comfortable in my swimsuit.

Join the Conversation:

  • What are some tips that help you to be successful?
  • What personal fitness goals do you have?
  • Do you plan to utilize a program or do something else?

Join us! Now is your chance to be part of something great!  Get moving and release your inner athlete by partnering with all these awesome ladies who are part of the challenge.

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