Waste Free Lunches

This is a hot topic for the new school year. At Modern Eco Life, we recommend reducing your carbon footprint in small ways everyday. Here’s how we started.

First we got a non-toxic reusable lunch bag. We got Pack-It and it works great! It stays cool for 10 hours and it folds nicely in the freezer to get ready for each day.

We also recommend getting reusable bags to replace plastic baggies.  ReUsies or stainless steel are our top picks. We chose the stainless steel box by Onyx since the double-decker design is space saving too.

Be sure to bring your own utensils and cloth napkin. We love People Towels! They have amazing variety and they are made of organic cotton.

Doing this you will be treating yourself and the planet to a nicer lunch each day you strive for a waste free lunch! Bon appetite!